Whatever your requirements, whatever the size of your production, due to Malta’s favourable weather conditions and our excellent team of dedicated individuals, we are able to provide you with a service that extends beyond expectation 12 months a year.

Rock Productions does not work on a fixed price menu. We rather believe in meeting the needs of each client individually and creating a specific package and experience every time. Contact Rock Productions to request a briefing form and we will be able to promptly tailor-make a quote for your specific purpose.



We provide a comprehensive all-inclusive service:

Post Production
Cash & Budget Management
Art Buying
Digital, Video & Live Castings
Model/Character Options & Bookings
Influencer database
Location Scouting
Crew & Artist Booking
Equipment Hire
Transport Hire


Permit Applications
Prop manufacturing & Sourcing
Set Building & Art Department
Film, Digital & Processing (film processing done in Italy)
Digital Equipment Rental & Support
Comprehensive Insurance
Travel & Accomodation
Airport Transfers
Customs Clearance Assistance
Business Visa Arrangements
Greener Production Services