About Markus Virpiö

Markus has been working as an advertising film director since 1995. He first started out as an Art Director many years prior which helps him to give more flavour to his films.
He has directed hundreds of commercial films, mostly for Finnish market, but also for German, Polish, Hungarian and Estonian.
As the winters in Finland are long, cold and dark, he has shot many commercials abroad; in Malta, Cuba, USA, South Africa, Portugal, Turkey, Spain, Thailand, Japan, France, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Ireland and Slovenia.
Markus has received lots of awards for his work in national competitions (including Grand Prix in 2007, for Love&Anarchy ”Banned”) as well as several International ones.
He is experienced in shooting big international productions, but sometimes likes to shoot small guerrilla films too. Both sides of the coin fascinate him as long as the material is interesting.
His favorite scripts are movie-like stories, with strong characters and a good plot. He believes if an ad can touch emotionally, it gets the point across.

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