The Company

Rock Productions Malta Ltd. is a full-service production house covering the Maltese Archipelago Islands, including Malta, Gozo & Comino.


Our Scope

We produce and service international films, photo shoots, TV content, commercials, corporate image films, documentaries & music videos.



We are part of IQ-International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers, a worldwide global network of trusted filmmakers in 46 countries.


The Team

Rock features a boutique core team of dedicated professionals, which is extended by excellent freelancers depending on the requirements of each production.


Alon Michael Hattingh

Owner / Executive Producer

Originally from Cape Town and based in Malta for over 10 years, Alon benefits from 20+ years of international experience with a global client base.
He manages to blend a stringent, professional attitude with a personal Mediterranean approach.

The key recipe for successful productions and happy clients ๐Ÿ™‚


Malta as a production destination

Maltas favorable weather conditions and diverse locations make it a top destination within Europe for shooting 12 months a year. Malta has long summers and short mild winters with beautiful golden sunlight that bounces off the limestone architecture all 300 sunlit days of the year.

Shooting remotely

Since the global pandemic in 2020 we have expanded our services to include remote productions. If you prefer to remain in the safety of your own country, please contact us and we will provide a tailor-made presentation of our services and talent.



Malta opened up for shooting in June 2020, so we managed to gain a lot of experience in handling international productions according to Covid-19 health protocols and have the necessary infrastructure in place.

Contact us for the latest updates.



In an effort to reduce waste and impact on the environment, we strive to provide green production services and sustainable solutions.


The Name

Last but not least, if you are wondering why we called the company Rock Productions Malta!? Well, Malta is known as โ€œThe Rockโ€ and we have been rocking and rolling ever since.

Rock Productions in action

Check out some โ€˜behind the scenesโ€™